Dr. Leahy Medical and Wellness Providers

William Leahy, MD

Family Physician

Meet our Passionate Health Providers - Leahy Family Care & Wellness Born and raised in Allen County & the Lima area, Dr. William Leahy is a 1988 graduate of Elida High School. After high school, he attended Miami University, studying Pre-med & Zoology, and focusing on a future of helping people. After graduation, Dr. Leahy’s studies continued at The Ohio State University, where Dr. Leahy achieved aa M.D. from The Ohio State College of Medicine. Dr. Leahy returned to the Lima area to serve as an independent healthcare family physician, serving the community which he was raised.

Since then, Dr. Leahy has assembled a complete health-care facility to serve those in the Lima community, with a complete body health and wellness focus.

Zach Broshes, PH


Zach Broshes-14Zach Broshes is a native of Elida. He graduated from Elida Senior High School in 1995. Following in the footsteps of his great-great uncle, Rudolph H. Raabe, and his great-grandfather Edward Klinger, Zach pursued an education in pharmacy from Ohio Northern University’s Rudolph H. Raabe College of Pharmacy, in Ada, Ohio. He graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2001. He has pharmacy experience in hospital and retail pharmacy including 14 years with Pack Pharmacy. He is also been an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Ohio Northern University and served as a Clinical Preceptor to students completing their Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Zach has participated in over 150 hours of continuing education regarding pain management and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. He holds certification in immunizations and Medication therapy management. Zach has been a featured speaker before numerous civic and professional groups throughout the region.
He resides here in Lima with his wife Christy, and their two children Connor and Sophia.

Julie Moore, RD, LD

Registered, Licensed Dietitian

Julie Moore-15Julie is a lifelong resident of the Lima community and a 2007 graduate from Elida High School. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Dayton and then went on to complete her Dietetic Internship at the Cleveland Clinic. Julie joined our staff in the fall of 2012. Julie works side by side with Dr. Leahy and our Certified Nurse Practitioner, Michelle Menke, to assist you in meeting your weight loss goals and to help you make healthier eating choices. In doing so, Julie has critiqued and approved our own cookbook, which offers more than 75 Healthy recipes from our staff members, family, and friends. The Leahy Family Cookbook is available for purchase at our facility for only $15. Julie also conducts a healthy grocery tour for individuals or groups where she teaches you how to properly read labels, eat healthier, and make better food choices for a healthier lifestyle.

Dick Rieman

Exercise Physiologist

Dick Rieman-16Dick is a graduate of Ohio University holding a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Exercise Physiology and Coaching. He also holds a Master of Science Degree in Physical Education: Sport Physiology and Adult Fitness. In addition he has 23 years’ experience in the healthcare industry.

Dick’s major role is to provide comprehensive exercise testing and prescription to treat and prevent injury, disorder and disease. As a member of our interdisciplinary Healthcare and Wellness team, Dick provides fitness assessments and Personal Training, as well as supervising our Leahy Fitness Center. If you are interested and would like to learn more about any of these services, please call him at 419-224-1234.

Michelle Menke, CMP

Nurse Practitioner

Michelle Menke grew up in Van Wert County and is a 1998 graduate of Lincolnview High School. Michelle continued her studies and received degrees from both Mount Carmel and St. Francis Universities. Michelle joined Leahy Family Care and Wellness Center in 2012. She currently resides in Ft. Jennings with her husband and 3 children. Michelle believes in the holistic approach to medicine. She thinks disease is a result of emotional, physical, social and/or environmental imbalance encompassing the individual as a whole. She assists with Dr. Leahy’s current patients and strives to achieve family wellness for all. Michelle is accepting new patients.