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Leahy Family Care Center

Designed to be your one-stop-shop to wellness
The Leahy Family Care & Wellness Center is a central location for all of your family care needs, independently owned and operated by Dr. William Leahy. Imagine being able to go to one location for all of your family’s health needs. No longer need you sit through uncomfortable first visits or research new specialists for every health need.
Instead, our facility has everything you need for complete health and wellness. Broken down into 3 separate suites, we offer a complete medical and wellness center to cater to almost all of your medical and health needs with a focus on caring for the whole body.
  • Chronic and Acute Healthcare Management
  • Substance Abuse Treatment, including Alcohol and Opiates
  • Annual Wellness Checkups & Immunization
  • Hormone Therapy & Pain Management
Leahy Family Care Lobby

Heal your Mind, Body and Spirit

Enhancing Injectables
Esthetic Services
Massage Therapy
Fitness Training

An advocate for your overall health

At the heart of Leahy Family Care & Wellness Center is the belief that as a family practice, we support our patient’s overall health. We believe that you originally came to us because you were looking for more than healthcare; we believe you are looking for complete health and wellness. 

It is our goal to create a relaxing atmosphere where one can fulfill all their wellness needs without traveling out of town. Join the new wave of Wellness, and stop by to see what we have to offer!

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Leahy Family Care

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